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Multilayer Chip Inductors
Multilayer chip inductors are Mag Layers line of high quality ferrite chip inductors and ceramic chip inductors. Base on our design , material and processing technology.
Product Number Size Inductance Range
RDC Range
Rated Current
GMPI-160808 Series 1.6x0.8x0.8 0.47μH~2.2μH 0.022Ω~0.715Ω 600mA~1000mA
GMPI-201205 F1 Series 2.0x1.2x0.5 0.47μH~2.2μH 0.15Ω~0.43Ω 600mA~1100mA
GMPI-201209 F1 Series 2.0x1.2x0.9 0.47μH~4.7μH 0.06Ω~0.23Ω 700mA~1400mA
GMPI-201610 F1 Series 2.0x1.6x1.0 0.47μH~4.7μH 0.06Ω~0.16Ω 900mA~1300mA
GMPI-252005 F1 Series 2.5x2.0x0.5 0.5μH~1.0μH 0.08Ω 1300mA
GMPI-252010 F1 Series 2.5x2.0x1.0 0.47μH~4.7μH 0.04Ω~0.11Ω 1100mA~1800mA
GMPI-252012 F1 Series 2.5x2.0x1.2 0.47μH~10μH 0.06Ω~0.22Ω 800mA~1600mA